BMToken Spendable Voucher

The Future of
Blockchain Loyalty

BMToken spendable voucher is a blockchain-powered voucher focused on the decentralization of consumer loyalty rewards.

Where can BMToken's spendable voucher be found?

Merchant partners who use the service to create spendable BMtoken vouchers within 10 -12 days get the BMToken printed voucher delivered to them. merchants determine how to reward you with the voucher.
BMtoken spendable Voucher can be found in Beep agro distributed products in the open market, from time to time Beep agro will reward her loyal customers by adding BMToken voucher on their distributed products.
Simple merchant will notify her subscribers of new partners that are onboarded to issue spendable BMToken vouchers in exchange for patronage.

Blockchain Innovation

Attract New Customers

The voucher is open to merchants who desire to attract new customers interested in blockchain innovation, engineered on the principle of decentralization, privacy and asset ownership right

Why BMToken Spendable.

BMtoken spendable voucher converts voucher to BMToken when withdrawn give right of transfer to another consumer without taking permission from the merchant that gave the voucher to you.

  • It connects new markets to merchants.
  • It attracts cryptocurrency enthusiasts to merchants.
  • It attracts decentralized blockchain communities to merchants.
  • It gives your customer 100% ownership of loyalty received for shopping in your store; either online or offline..

How to Generate BMToken Spendable Vouchers

You can start with the least 1000 units of the voucher to 50,000 units of the voucher. All you need is to fund your cash wallet and select any of the categories to create your vouchers.

  • Become a merchant on simple merchant.
  • Navigate to the Merchant Dashboard.
  • Select any of the categories under the BMT Spendable Voucher Section

What the future holds

With the global adoption and awareness of decentralization, we are entering an era where customers seek ownership and control of their loyalty rewards obtained as they shop. This is the vision behind BMtoken's spendable voucher, where merchant partners from their simple merchant account can create spendable BMToken vouchers which can be distributed to their loyal customers in exchange for their loyalty. This voucher can be redeemed automatically on the simple merchant platform, which converts the voucher into BMToken which is spendable. what this means is that I can spend the BMToken value in real-time across all simple merchant partners in the simple merchant marketplace/ store. The voucher when redeem and the value converted to BMToken in your simple merchant wallet, you can request a withdrawal of that loyalty to your third party wallets, such as Trust wallet and the Token is credited to your wallet. This process gives you 100% right over the loyalty you gain from a merchant to decide how, when and where to use the loyalty reward. You can also stake the BMToken spendable voucher on simple merchant to get more BMToken. You can decide to store the loyalty for 20 years, you can decide to gift it to another BMToken wallet holder or You can decide to trade it in the global market where BMtoken is listed for trade.